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About Me

I 💓 key account management. You get to help your clients, colleagues and company make a difference. Every day. What’s not to love? After a 20 year career in account management working for global firms, I quit my job in 2019 to launch my own business. Not gonna lie, it’s been a struggle. But I’ve found my passion, and that sustains you in a way that a hustle doesn’t. Starting The KAM Club, and contributing every day to our wonderful community is my greatest accomplishment. All of which, reminds me of a favourite expression: “Transformation is a process, not an event.”

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Host and Founder at The KAM Club


Professional Services


London, United Kingdom

My goals right now

My goals right now are on improving member experience and accelerate growth of The KAM Club. I’ve got a detailed plan based on:

  • Increasing awareness of The KAM Club
  • Improving sales conversion
  • Increasing member engagement
  • Reducing churn

If you’ve got any suggestions on what you’d like to see inside The KAM Club or want to share some feedback you can: