Elite Sales Strategies: A Guide to Being One-Up, Creating Value and Becoming Truly Consultative

Uncover your client's weaknesses to help them resolve their challenges and gain an advantage. Elite Sales Strategies provides unique insights into how to approach every sale by serving your clients from a position of authority and expertise and guide your clients to better results.

In Elite Sales Strategies, expert sales leader Anthony Iannarino offers his philosophy about becoming a commercial success. This guidebook provides unique insights into how to approach every sale by serving your clients from a position of authority and expertise. As Iannarino himself notes, this technique speaks to an ethical obligation towards your client, combining ethics and tactics to help place you in a position where your strengths can be fully utilized.

This guidebook suggests putting yourself in a “one-up” position, where you, as the salesperson, come to a client in a position of authority and strength, where you yourself are qualified to offer nuanced and helpful advice to companies that have put themselves in a “one-down” position, whether that be by bad decision-making, poor understanding of the marketplace, or bad luck. At its heart, this book suggests you find the advantages that you can provide that will, in turn, help your client become “one-up” themselves in their own field and ensure they achieve the better results they need. In addition, Elite Sales Strategies provides readers with:

  • A step-by-step approach for how to become “one-up” yourself and what you provide to your clients
  • A healthy analysis of what makes a person or a company “one-down” and tips on how to course correct
  • Strategies, tactics, and talk tracks that will provide you with what you need to become “one-up”
  • Terminology and vocabulary so that you can approach your client with tact and decorum while still addressing the weaknesses of their system

As a successful international speaker, author, and sales leader, Anthony Iannarino brings a unique set of skills to bear in this book. Iannarino’s tried-and-true methodology is an ideal resource for sales professionals in all fields, as well as for executives and managers looking to improve their sales success and position within the business world.

Why this book?

Key Account Managers are experts in their field and know best how to optimise their solutions to enable better, faster results for their clients. This book promises to show you how to leverage that expertise to establish authority and credibility with your client. The focus is on uncovering your client’s weaknesses so you can help them resolve their challenges and gain an advantage. I love this approach, because I’m a firm believer that account growth doesn’t come from “selling” – it comes from helping.

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    • Elite Sales Strategies. By Anthony Iannarino. Discover what it takes to become a truly consultative partner to your client and give recommendations and advice that creates mutual value.
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